Who We Are

We’re really just a bunch of Freeborders who want to spread the joy that is freebording to the rest of the world.

We’ve been riding the asphalt slopes for years and decided (one day after a particularly gnarly run) that we should build a website.  Why?  Because (as you know if you’ve looked into freebording before) there’s not a whole lot out there on the sport.  You might find some videos on YouTube, or some thrashed parts on Ebay, maybe even some old VHS tapes from back in the day—you know, those things you have to put in a VCR—but for some reason the sport is kind of secretive.

We’re here to smash all that!  Freeboarding is awesome.  The level of self expression and the pure craziness of the skills that can be showcased totally makes skateboarding look fit for your grandma! There’s no reason the world shouldn’t know about freebording and that’s why we’re bringing it all to you, right here on Freebordsite.com.

(If you want a blast from the past and have a hankering to learn how freebording all got started, check out The History of Freebording.)

What We Do

We scour the Internet and the real world to bring the best of the best in Freebording.  You’ll find sick videos, killer tutorials, tips and tricks to keep your style fresh, and rock-solid equipment to let you reach the top of your game.  In short, we want this site to become your go-to spot for everything you need to learn the sport of freebording, conquer the freebord itself, and shred the world like you own it.

We’re constantly updating this site with new content (so check back often) and we regularly find the best deals on replacement parts, brand new freebords, custom graphics and modification—everything you need to make your ride your own.

Why We Do It

There’s really no feeling quite like gliding down asphalt “mountains” and letting your freebord slip sideways underneath your feet as you revert without having to take your wheels off the ground.  Carving, grinding, gliding—it’s all possible on a freebord.  (There’s also no feeling like the pride you get from showing a skateboarder how to really rule the pavement.)

Freebording is as close as you can get to snowboarding without the snow!  It’s almost like learning to fly—everybody should have that feeling at least once in their lives.

What You Should Do

Take a look around the site, familiarize yourself with what we have to offer, and then jump into freebording feet first.  I promise you won’t regret it.  Other than that, get active in the community.  Start right here—comment on our posts, add you own spin to things, let us know what you want to hear from us, what you need to learn, and please feel free to share any tips or tricks you’ve created/discovered yourself.

  • First, get your freebord—we recommend buying from the official Freebord company (they’ve got every model and size of freebord to choose from in their store all at great prices.
  • Then learn to ride it.  (It might help to familiarize yourself with the difference between Freebords and Skateboards.)
  • Check out the tutorials right here on this site or watch some of the videos we’ve linked to get a feel for what you can (and can’t) do on a Freebord.
  • It might take a while to learn but if you’re coming to the sport from another board sport (skateboarding or snowboarding) you’re one step ahead of the rest of the noobs.

Don’t be afraid of this website—we’re freeborders too, not heartless website gurus.  Come get to know us and help us bring Freebording to the masses!

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